UseEffect and Writing Well with Chimezie Innocent - RRU 175


March 9th, 2022

40 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

Sometimes, the answer isn’t to code more. In this episode, the crew sits down with Chimezie Innocent, a developer who will show you how to clean up your act with UseEffect, as well as why this ONE thing dramatically improved his coding.

“If you want to understand something better, the best advice I would give is ‘Just write about it!’”
- Chimezie Innocent

In This Episode

1) Why UseEffect is CRUCIAL for avoiding a world of hurt in your cleanup
2) How to reveal how little you ACTUALLY understand a concept (and how to become a better developer fast!)
3) Some GO-TO tips for improving your writing, helping others, and getting paid to do something other than coding




  • Chimezie- Elementary movie about public schools
  • Jack- SAD Lamp
  • Jack- Mountain Duck
  • Paige- Grippy Socks
  • TJ- Stylus for cold weather phone usage