Episode 67

RRU 066: Accessibility is not a “React Problem” with Leslie Cohn-Wein


June 18th, 2019

55 mins 35 secs

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  • Dave Ceddia
  • Thomas Aylott

Joined by Special Guest: Leslie Cohn-Wein


Leslie Cohn-Wein joins the panel to discuss accessibility. She explains how she got passionate about accessibility. The panel discusses what you have to do to become accessible. Leslie brings up divs and explains how these get in the way of accessibility. The panel discusses roles; Leslie explains what roles does and how to use roles. Accessible testing is discussed and Leslie shares some resources for testing your sites for accessibility. The panel discusses ways to make sites more accessible and how doing something is better than doing nothing. Leslie advises having an accessibility champion on your team whose job it is to think about how to make sites and apps for accessible. The panel discusses the importance of accessibility and how accessibility changes the lives of disabled users.



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