Episode 52

RRU 051: FaunaDB & JAMStack with Chris Anderson


March 5th, 2019

33 mins 37 secs

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In this episode of React Round Up, Justin Bennett speaks with co-founder of Couchbase, Chris Anderson. Chris has been working with NoSQL databases for approximately a decade, and is currently working on FaunaDB, doing development outreach, while writing codes to connect with the different eco systems: Serverless, JAMStacks and React Native. He is also a blogger on a platform he calls ‘Serverless’ and enjoys decoding web applications and converting them to mobile.

Chris elaborates on the particulars and functions of JAMstacks, FaunaDB, React Native, Expo, Firebase and Netlify along with their databases. He tells of his journey with FaunaDB and explains what led to its introduction. He also gives a detailed explanation on Serverless functions, Multi-cloud deployment and extends advice to apprentices in the similar field.



Chris Anderson:

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