Episode 42

RRU 042: React at Product Hunt with Radoslav Stankov


December 18th, 2018

1 hr 31 secs

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  • Lucas Reis
  • Nader Dabit

Special Guest: Radoslav Stankov

In this episode, the panelists talk with today’s guest, Radoslav Stankov, who is a senior developer at Product Hunt. The panel and the guest talk about React, jQuery, Backbone, and much more! Check it out!

Show Topics:

0:00 – Kendo UI

0:31 – Nader: Hello! Our guest today is Radoslav.

4:02 – Nader: What is your role and what are your main responsibilities?

4:10 – Guest answers.

4:39 – Panel: Can you tell us the story of how you started to use React?

4:55 – Guest: We started 4 years ago.

The guest answers the question and mentions jQuery and Backbone.

9:01 – Panel: That’s nice – so you are trying to use a simpler application but the React server still need to be separated right?

9:14 – Guest: Yes, we tried to keep it as simple as possible.

10:38 – Panel: How was the adoption of React and how painful was it? You mentioned that you were used Flux and others, so was it messy and complicated for you? Or was it easy for you?

11:15 – Guest: It had its moments.

16:03 – Nader: So what are some of the reasons why you would be messing around with service-side rendering?

16:20 – The guest lists the reasons why they use it.

18:07 – Nader: Interesting. It helps for mobile clients? What do you mean – is it for the people with slower connections?

18:22 – Guest: Yes. The mobile plan can see the page. It can actually see how it’s rendered.

19:53 – Panel: How do you detect that it’s a mobile request from the server?

20:00 – Guest.

31:04 – Panel: We wanted to make it much faster and started using Node and streaming the library. Instead of creating a big string and then sending back to the user we were using the function...It’s super cool. We started using 30% less resources once we’ve deployed. (Wow!) Yeah I know! When you stream then the Node can be smarter and streaming at the same time.

32:03 – Guest.

33:21 – Panel: Interesting thing about the streaming is that we were fetching data after it started. After it was streaming HTML it was already...

38:21 – Nader: We talked about the WEB but you are all using REACT with mobile, too. Can you talk about how your company is using REACT? I know you’ve made things natively, too.

38:40 – Guest: I bit of history first then I will answer the question.

41:29 – Nader: Do you think the changes will happen in the right time to help with your fruition or no?

41:45 – Guest answers.

43:33 – How does the team manage working with all of these technologies? Does everyone have his or her own role?

43:54 – Guest answers.

48:03 – Panel: What are the drawbacks to that?

48:10 – Guest answers.

50:52 – Nader: Anything else?

51:00 – Guest: I think we covered a lot of great topics!



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