Episode 28

RRU 028: “Microstates.js – Composable State Primitive” with Taras Mankovski & Charles Lowell


September 11th, 2018

52 mins 5 secs

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  • Charles (Chuck) Max Wood
  • Lucas Reis

Special Guests: Charles Lowell & Taras Mankovski

In this episode, the panel talks with two special guests Charles and Taras. Charles Lowell is a principle engineer at Frontside, and he loves to code. Taras works with Charles and joined Frontside, because of Charles’ love for coding. There are great personalities at Frontside, which are quite diverse. Check out this episode to hear about microstates, microstates with react, OM, Redux, and much more!

Show Topics:

2:32 – Chuck: Why do we need it (microstates) and why do we need another state library?

2:42 – Charles answers Chuck’s question. Charles goes to explain that if you need to increment the number, you don’t need to do it with microstates.

3:41 – Another suggestion is given on this topic.

5:13 – The application isn’t hard in-of-itself.

6:45 – Chuck makes comments, and asks: It seems to be more like object-oriented approach?

7:44 – Objects compose much more easily. When you are dealing with pure functional code you are de-structuring and restructuring. Check-out LENSES.

9:53 – Taras makes comments. What were your inspirations for microstate?

10:27 – Charles: The personal journey it started for me started back in 2015. When I was working primarily in Ember.” Charles makes a reference to OM, check it out!

15:40 – Charles: “We had a goal in mind, and we kept that goal on mind and kept ‘dipping into the candy jar.’ We had to learn about the functional mumbo-jumbo. The goal was never to use those things. Whatever tools we needed from the functional world, we borrowed from freely.”

16:50 – Chuck asks a question.

17:00 – Taras answers chuck’s question.

19:58 – Charles (guest) keeps the conversation going and goes into detail about how to handle different scenarios with different tools.

21:00 – Question: How do you think microstate enters into this situation?

21:45 – The design of microstate is that it gives you a solution that is flexible. Other options aren’t as comprehensive like where you can use it; for example Redux.

23:49 – Another way to say it is...check-out this timestamp to hear other ideas about this topic.

24:53 – Digital Ocean’s Advertisement

25:28 – Conversation is back into swing.

Question: There is a very interesting design with people who are not developers. What are the benefits or do they play together?

26:41 – As a frontend shop, there is a very clean mapping between state machine and type. The type corresponds to the state transitions, among others. For every state you have a class, and you have a method for every transition. It’s a great design tool.

29:07 – We don’t talk about states very often, right now, but in the near future we will. The valuable goals for us are to give people tools that will work correctly for them. To help people be more productive that is a great goal. One thing from people, I’ve learned, is to ask yourself ‘what needs to change?’

33:03 – Now you are touching on the subject of teaching. What about mentoring with microstates?

33:26 – Success (to one of the panelists) is defined of how confident a person is with X program or tool. If they have ease, then they are on the right path. With mentoring in microstates the design speaks its purpose, the transitions are clear, so the panelist feels that he doesn’t really have to go into a lot of detail explaining the features.

36:25 – In the React community... 

39:12 – Curious: Would we really be able to distribute state like how we distribute components? What is out-of-reach now, is that we have the state machine for the autocomplete component.

40:27 – Chuck: Is there a way to test microstates?

41:28 – Shameless plug...check it out!

42:31 – Anything else? Microstates and Microstates with React.

42:48 – If anyone is interested in this, then we are interested in talking with these people and/or companies.

43:29 – Let’s go to Picks!

43:31 – Advertisement for Charles Max Wood’s course!




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