Episode 125

RRU 123: React Query, React Table, the TanStack and More with Tanner Linsley


October 27th, 2020

50 mins 23 secs

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In this episode of React Round Up, Tanner Linsley, co-founder of startup Nozzle.io, and most known lately for his OSS project React Query, joins the panel today to discuss how he was inspired to create React Query to simplify data-fetching and state management in React applications. Just a few months after releasing React Query to the dev community, it’s already making waves and garnering the attention of notable React thought leaders and large companies alike, and part of the secret to Tanner’s success is that the majority of his popular OSS projects come from him needing to solve a need for his company, Nozzle.io. Learn about if React Query (or other projects) might be something to incorporate into your own React applications, as well as tips for getting involved in (and making the case for) working on OSS projects.


  • Paige Niedringhaus
  • TJ VanToll


  • Tanner Linsley




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