Episode 10

RRU 010: Best Practices with React and Redux with Samuel Mendenhall


May 8th, 2018

51 mins 15 secs

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  • Cory House
  • Nader Dabit

Special Guests: Samuel Mendenhall

In this episode of React Round Up, the panel discusses best practices with React and Redux with Samuel Mendenhall. Samuel has been working in web development for the past five years and was recently working for Red Hat. They talk about what has led him to React, as well as some of the most common mistakes that people make in React. They also talk about the amazing power of TypeScript and when you may not want to use Redux.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Sam intro
  • jQuery, Backbone, and Angular
  • React and React Native
  • New role at Microsoft in commercial software engineering group
  • Working a lot with React and tooling
  • What have you learned since working with React?
  • Shallow learning curve
  • The concept of React is very simple
  • What work did you do at Red Hat?
  • Internal tooling
  • What are some common mistakes people have made in React?
  • Defensive programming
  • Making sure functions are bound correctly
  • He’s an advocate for using TypeScript
  • The pros of using TypeScript
  • Connect in React
  • Connect will do shallow comparisons
  • Redux
  • When you shouldn’t use Redux
  • When should Redux be used in a project?
  • MobX
  • And much, much more!